ABC works with a diverse range of organizations including cooperatives, non-profits, sole proprietors and businesses small and large.  Here´s what some of our clients have to say about working together:

“We are a small staff collective without capacity to manage our books in house, we wanted to work with a cooperative, and ABC has a great reputation.  We love working with Erin!  I appreciate the prompt responses, the accuracy, and their ability to work with us to better develop our systems, our books, and our budget. ABC really helps our whole organization run smoothly and efficiently. We also love that ABC is a cooperative, and is aligned with our mission and vision for the world.”

-Byul Yoon, Operations Director

The Icarus Project

“I was overwhelmed keeping track of my own stuff and was looking for some help.  ABC is great! Super on top of things, quick and thorough.  I am super happy.”

-Julia Turshen, Author of Feed the Resistance

“We have been working with ABC since the very beginning of our Coop.  Annie is warm, easy to understand, and she explains a hard topic especially well.”

-Emma, Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative


“Our organization needed expert bookkeepers familiar with both nonprofits and cooperatives. We needed to create reliable and simple systems and train our volunteers and staff to manage them together.  ABC was skilled and patient with sorting out problems that arose from uneven knowledge and maintenance related to our accounting.  ABC folks are our folks. We\'re supporting a CEANYC member, we´re supporting the solidarity economy, and we´re getting the services and expertise that we need.”

-Cheyenna, General Coordinator

Cooperative Economics Alliance of NYC (CEANYC)


“I wasn´t able to keep up with our company´s monthly bookkeeping needs myself anymore, which kept us from looking at our finances throughout the year and left a mad dash at the end of the year to prep for taxes. We needed a way to do them steadily and accurately all year long. ABC´s great communication makes it easy to work together remotely. They are good, caring people who are committed to doing the work well while always looking for improvements in the process. ”

-Jeff, Playlab, Inc.

“Our long time bookkeeper retired, so we were looking for a replacement. We love cooperatives and ABC was the one! It´s been really productive and efficient to have ABC´s bookkeeping help.”

-Charles, Gaia Host Collective

“We were looking for someone to help us start our business on the good side of the law.  ABC do a great job and are a pleasure to work with.¨

-Max, Director of Organizing, Teaching Lab

¨I like ABC for several reasons. They were able to assess our bank accounts and reorganize the books for my business and my husband's business, creating a more efficient system with relatively little work for me. They´ve helped me to better understand how to use QBO, which is a complicated program for someone with little to no accounting experience. Not only did they reorganize the books for our businesses, they also provided us with additional tools to track personal income and expenses that we need to capture month to month for tax purposes. I feel much more confident heading in to tax season with ABC by our side¨

-Beth Keshishian, PR Consultant