Solidarity Rates

As a small worker-owned cooperative business, we generate income solely from what individuals and organizations pay for our bookkeeping, consulting, and training services.

Our standard rates enable us to offer high quality services, take care of ourselves and our communities, and offer free and low-cost services to people most directly targeted by oppression and colonization.

Solidarity rates are reserved for groups focused on collective liberation and solidarity economy work that are owned and governed by people of color, immigrants, disabled people, LGBTQIA2+, working class, and poor people without access to institutional funding.

Organizations or individuals that meet at least one of the listed criteria in each of the three sections below can request a solidarity rate in their intake form and the coop will assess our current capacity to meet the request.

Part 1 

  • Focus on solidarity economy work
  • Focus on collective liberation work; including but not limited to:
    • practice values of equity, solidarity, and cooperation
    • community-based: leaders/members are a part of the communities in which they work
    • work to defend people from the harms of systems of oppression
    • work to transform oppressive systems

Part 2

  • Annual budget of:
    • less than $500,000 for organizations
    • less than $70,000 for individuals

Part 3

Majority owned and/or governed by people who are:

  • people of color
  • immigrants
  • disabled
  • working class
  • poor
  • youth
  • elders

Note: If a funder/support org. is paying for services on behalf of a grantee/fellow/member org., standard rate applies.

Solidarity Assessments for Black and/or Indigenous-led Groups

A pay-what-you-can, sliding scale offering for Black and/or Indigenous-led groups ($0-380).
How it works: You send us the financial information you’re working with (for example: bank statements, budgets, spreadsheets, accounting software). We’ll review the materials and have a 1 hour virtual meeting to overview your situation and dig into your questions. We’ll outline some recommendations that you can use as a guide for next moves in your finances. Fill out our contact form with a note that you’re requesting a solidarity assessment.