We provide full charge bookkeeping and accounting services to cooperatives, non-profits, and businesses. ABC was launched in 2012 and currently we have more than 60 clients. We work across the U.S. and are democratically owned and operated as a worker cooperative, which allows us to offer competitive rates and an array of personalized financial services.

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Why Hire US?

Your Own Accounting Department – At a Fraction Of The Price

It makes economic sense for most small and medium organizations to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting duties. Hiring bookkeepers ends up costing more.  Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting gives you more flexibility to adjust your bookkeeping and consulting needs as your organizational demands change. We can tailor our services based on your needs and budget.

From basic expense bookkeeping to tax prep, we work with you to streamline your accounting at the fraction of the price of a full time employee. We’ll even help training of your in-house bookkeeping personnel.

We are a cooperatively-owned and democratically managed bookkeeping and consulting firm with a portfolio of over 60 organizations.  If you’re a worker-owned cooperatives a small businesses, and or nonprofit, we’ll bring our experience and expertise to your organization.

With ABC you get the benefits of an accounting firm without the big firm ticket price.  You will have access to the expertise of our entire staff of CPA’s, bookkeepers, controllers, and accountants.

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