Who We Are


Annie Sullivan-Chin portrait

Annie Sullivan-Chin

Annie is an all-around nerd who loves teaching herself and others about accounting and organizational finances. She realized she loved accounting when she started working in worker-owned co-ops over 10 years ago. As a bookkeeper, Annie can testify to how critical it is to have our finances in good shape in order to keep doing our important work and make sound business decisions. Connecting financial skill-building with collective liberation is Annie's passion and she is honored to offer ABC's bookkeeping and training services to social justice leaders and movement supporters everywhere.

Erin Aliperti

Erin has been a worker-owner, bookkeeper, and consultant at A Bookkeeping Cooperative since 2014. They have experience doing taxes for sole proprietors and specializes in bookkeeping and consulting for freelancers, making the process as accessible and stress free as possible. Erin developed their accounting skills in the classroom as well as on the job with dozens of clients over the years. They are deeply committed to social justice and work to develop inclusive policies and practices at A Bookkeeping Cooperative and beyond. In addition to being a bookkeeper, Erin is an experienced facilitator and trainer at The Center for Anti-Violence Education.


Maria Teresa Portrait

Maria Teresa Lopez

Maria Teresa is a bookkeeper and consultant with A Bookkeeping Cooperative. She is an experienced entrepreneur bringing a powerful combination of a lifelong commitment to social justice together with hard financial, managerial, and administrative skills rooted in 40 years of experience.  She studied accounting in her native Honduras and has lived in the New York metropolitan area since 1991. Maria Teresa brings the same spirit of fearlessness, dedication, and precision to all of her work, which has ranged from running her own Spanish language magazine to working as a bank loan officer to consulting with small businesses.  Maria Teresa is also a cooperative trainer in the NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives Training Collective.


Lauryl Berger-Chun

Lauryl is ABC’s administrative worker-owner and coordinates the back office operations of the cooperative.  She brings 10 years of organizing experience with student, food, and worker cooperatives.  As a trained peer advisor, she supports solidarity economy groups with research, technical assistance, and facilitation.





Veronica Dougherty

Veronica joined ABC as a bookkeeper and consultant in 2018. She has long been interested in what grows in the margins, participating in spaces where people build and share resources outside of dominant models.  She has worked and performed with various art collectives and radical brass bands, and built collaborative installations across Europe and the United States.  She came to bookkeeping with the same spirit of teamwork and resourcefulness, gaining hands-on experience with small businesses, non-profits, and gray economies over 10 years of freelancing.  Before coming to ABC, Veronica spent 4 years as the Financial and Employee Services Director at BIG Reuse, where she was inspired by her coworkers' visionary ideas about discarded material. Veronica loves problem solving financial tangles and supporting people in moving from anxiety to clarity and confidence regarding money.  She feels extremely grateful to be a part of ABC.  When she’s not bookkeeping, she drums with Mambembe´ New York and sings with Ukrainian Village Voices.


Terry Rodriguez

Bio coming soon.



ABC also currently has 3 candidates on the worker-owner track.

Alex Fischer

Sarah Olle

Nicole Rodriguez

Bios coming soon.