• CPA Academy – Free recorded webinars on taxes, accounting, and more
  • Great article – “how to do cooperative bookkeeping and read financial statements” from the USDA: Download File
  • Worker Cooperative Finances 101 – ABC presentation talking about Finances! Good for worker co-ops as well as traditional businesses
  • Internal Capital Accounts for Co-ops ICA Group Internal Capital Accounts Guide
  • Article about tax implications of worker cooperatives and patronage dividends in the September 2012 issue of Lewis Tax Journal Quarterly: Download File

Resources for Co-ops

Resources for non-profits

  • NPCCNY Great article for starting non profits
  • How to Guide On line record keeping tips for non-profits using Google drive
  • Tech Soup Cheap software for non-profits

Software recommendations/apps

  • Quickbooks small business accounting software, desktop and on-line
  • Xero small business accounting software, on-line only
  • Gusto For all your outsourced payroll needs
  • Nerd Wallet helps you find the best financial products

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