Points of Unity

ABC’s points of unity articulate our political orientation within movements for justice.  We outline these so others can know what we’re about, to connect with aligned people and projects, and to ground our own decisionmaking in certain non-negotiables as a defense against co-optation and compromise.  These points reflect our baseline common ground and are not exhaustive.

  • Capitalism is rooted in exploitation and cannot be reformed.  We participate in efforts to create just alternatives based on principles of cooperation and mutuality, drawing on lessons from multiple traditions including solidarity economy, Indigenous economies, just transition, socialism, communism, and anarchism.
  • We support independent working class self-organization. We understand the working class to include people engaged in productive and reproductive labor, the unemployed, and those whose labor is criminalized.  We support bottom-up organizing for self-defense and egalitarian community control of workplaces, homes, food, healthcare, education, cultural institutions, and environmental stewardship.
  • We oppose settler-colonialism & imperialism in all forms including military intervention, economic domination, and political repression.  We see the U.S. as a project based on genocide and slavery with a leading destructive role in imposing capitalism globally.  We support Indigenous sovereignty, Black liberation, and all peoples’ struggles for self-determination and freedom from empire.
  • We are for the abolition of all punitive and predatory institutions including policing, prisons, the military, deportation, detention, borders, surveillance, and debt.  We support attempts to address root causes of societal problems, meet the peoples’ needs, and develop community-based institutions to prevent and respond to harm in caring and life-affirming ways.
  • All forms of domination must be opposed simultaneously.  We recognize that systems of oppression based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, age, body type, class, nationality, immigration status, political ideology, faith and other characteristics affect us unevenly, that fights against all forms of oppression are interconnected and are therefore everyone’s fights, and that we must dismantle them together in coalition led by those most directly targeted by capitalism and colonialism.
  • The future is not a foregone conclusion.  Change is full of contradictions and opportunities for transformation.  We observe how the world is continually made and remade and believe that our concrete collective actions towards freedom in the present can play a meaningful part in shaping what comes next.