ABC Statement of Solidarity with the Uprising

We fully and unequivocally support the uprising against the murder of Black people by a racist police state.

Black Lives Matter.  

As a union worker cooperative, we stand in solidarity with everyone in the streets and at home, in shelters, in prisons, and in detention, doing the essential work of collective liberation.

We support all efforts to confront and dismantle racial capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and colonialism.  

We support the principled mass action happening in NYC and across the country.  We are inspired by the many ways people are taking care of one another from medics and jail support to food and mask distribution to community defense to refusing unsafe and unjust work.

We reject the rhetoric of ‘outside agitators’ and the ‘violent’ versus ‘peaceful’ dichotomy as the classic divide and conquer narrative used to justify state repression and break up the growing unity that is such a threat to the status quo.  Property destruction is not violence; systemic racism and police terror against Black people are.

While bosses and politicians do a cost-benefit analysis and decide, as they always do, that some lives are an acceptable sacrifice for profit, it’s important for us to be clear about our priorities.   

We support workers organizing to keep one another and all of us safe.  We support calls to defund and disarm the cops, abolish policing and prisons, cancel rent, and ensure healthcare, housing, food, freedom of movement, dignity, and self-determination for all.  




#Justice for TonyMcDade




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