Solidarity Financial Assessment Offering for Black-led groups

This is a pay-what-you-can, sliding scale offering for Black-led groups ($0-350).
Whether you’ve had a sudden influx of donations or an abrupt drop in income, if you’re wondering, ‘where are we?’ and want to get a handle on your current resources in order to make decisions with intention right now, this is for you.

How it works:You send us the financial information you’re working with (e.g. bank statements, budgets, spreadsheets, accounting software).

We’ll review the materials and have a 1 hour virtual meeting to overview your situation and dig into your questions.

Afterwards, we’ll send a deliverable that outlines some recommendations that you can use as a guide for next moves.

At our current capacity, we are able to offer four assessment spots per month. Fill out our contact form to get in touch:

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